Changes Between Estpolis Denki
                   and Lufia & the Fortress of Doom
                        Updated April 22, 2014

                          by Derrick Sobodash


Revision 5:
Fixed a bunch of my screw-ups. This should be the last fix-only
update... I hope.

Revision 4:
No real content changes, just an update my contact information.
Suggestions for the FAQ would be nice.

Revision 3:
Added a translation of the introduction of the game (just for anyone
who feels like comparing).

Revision 2:
Cleaned up all spelling errors. Removed a useless entry from the
monsters table. Temporarily removed "Green Orb". While that name is
known to be incorrect I still haven't decided on a proper translation
for the real name.

Revision 1:
Initial release

                                               .:[table of contents]:.

1. Why write this?
2. Change Lists
3. Intro Translation
4. Other Changes
5. Credits & Notes

                                                 .:[why write this?]:.

A while ago I was toying with the idea of re-translating this classic.
Before committing my time to what could have been a very long project,
I decided to play through the Japanese title and see just how much
was altered.

Today, I can say Lufia & the Fortress of Doom has one of the
best English translations of any game released during the era of the
Super Nintendo.

Almost every window of dialogue is perfect, and even the invented
translations for many things are more meaningful than the Japanese
originals. Whoever translated this game should have been hired to work
on more.

While I would not change a thing about Lufia, I have complied a list
of name changes for anyone who is curious.

Most of these were created by using script dumps of lists from
both the English and Japanese games. Special thanks to Heythere for
donating the English lists for me.

                                                    .:[change lists]:.

Rather than pick out individual changes, I decided it would be better
to present a complete list of the terms so you can see which ones were
not changed as well as which ones were.

Due to the limits of gopher text transfer, Japanese names have been
rendered into romaji. Katakana is represented by uppercase letters.

Character Names:

Japanese               Translation            English
---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------
shuujinkou             Protagonist (Hero)     Hero
shikyoushin            Four Mad Gods          Sinistrals
AGUROSU                Agroth                 Aguro
JURINA                 Jerina                 Jerin
AATI                   Arty                   Artea
ERINU                  Erin                   Erim
DIOSU                  Dios                   Daos

Town Names:

Japanese               Translation            English
---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------
SHAIA dai 1            Shaia Lab 1            Platina
SHAIA dai 3            Shaia Lab 3            Carbis
shichinagaretou        Pawning Island         Forfeit Island

Item Names:

Japanese               Translation            English
---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------
BURONZU SOODO          Bronze Sword           Brone Sword
KATTAA UIPPU           Cutter Whip            Cat Whip
DESU PIKKU             Death Pick             Gloom Pick
WANPIISU               One-Piece Swimsuit     Dress
REZAA AAMAA            Leather Armor          Tan Armor
REZAA ROOBU            Leather Robe           Tan Robe
BURONZU AAMAA          Bronze Armor           Brone Amror
BUTONZU ROOBU          Bronze Robe            Brone Robe
SHIISURUU SHIRUKU      See-Through Silk       Clear Silk
REZAA SHIRUDO          Leather Shield         Tan Shield
BURONZU SHIIRUDO       Bronze Shield          Brone Shield
SHIRUBAA SHIRUDO       Silver Shield          Silver Plate
JIRUKON SHIIRUDO       Zircon Shield          Zircon Plate
REZAA HERUMU           Leather Helm           Tan Helm
BURONZU HERUMU         Bronze Helm            Brone Helm
SAAKURETTO             Circlet                Sakret
REZAA SHUUZU           Leather Shoes          Tan Shoes
HAI HIIRU              High Heels             Heeled Shoes
KATTAA HIIRU           Cutter Heels           Cat Heels
INTERI RINGU           Intelligence Ring      Mind Ring
REGI RINGU             Raygi Rin              Flash Ring
FUREI RINGU            Fray Ring              Flame Ring
UOMU RINGU             Wom Ring               Water Ring
RAGI RINGU             Lagi Ring              Blast Ring
RIA RINGU              Lia Ring               Frost Ring
taiko no yoroi         Ancient Armor          Might Armor
taiko no tate          Ancient Shield         Might Shield
taiko no kabuto        Ancient Helmet         Might Helmet
DESU RINGU             Death Ring             Gloom Ring
shinigami no koe       Reaper's Call          Gloom Voice
BURONZU BURESUTO       Bronze Breastplate     Brone Breast
HOORII SOODO           Holy Sword             Carbo Sword
HOORII PUREETO         Holy Plate             Carbo Plate
HOORII SHIIRUDO        Holy Shield            Carbo Shield
HOORII HERUMU          Holy Helm              Carbo Helm
HOORII KYAPPU          Holy Cap               Carbo Cap
DESU GAADO             Death Guard            Gloom Guard
ENGEJI RINGU           Engagement Ring        Engage Ring
EKUSU POOSHON          X-Potion               Ex Potion
EKUSU MAJIKKU          X-Magic                Ex Magic
seisui                 Holy Water             Sweet Water
jaaku no mizu          Evil Water             Sweet Water
ishi no kimochi        Stone Sense            Stone Cure
PAWAA DORAGGU          Power Drug             Power Gourd
INTERI DORAGGU         Intelligence Drug      Mind Gourd
inochi no minamoto     Life Source            Power Potion
mahou no minamoto      Magic Source           Spell Potion
hayasa no minamoto     Speed Source           Speed Potion
chishiki no minamoto   Knowledge Source       Mind Potion
chikara no minamoto    Strength Source        Great Potion
FURAISOORU             Flysoryl               Float
EKUSU AROOZU           X-Arrows               Ex Arrows
KONFU AROO             Confuse Arrow          Puzzle Arrow
PARARAIZU AROO         Paralyze Arrow         Stun Arrow
DESU AROO              Death Arrow            Gloom Arrow
EKUSU BOMU             X-Bomb                 Ex Bomb
MIRAKUROOSU            Miraculous             Miracle
DERU DERU              Call Back              Revive
RAMU                   Rum                    Pear Cider
UOKKA                  Vodka                  Sour Cider
JIN                    Gin                    Lime Cider
RIKYUURU               Liqueur                Plum Cider
TABUROOZU              Whiskey                Apple Cider
SARU no nuigurumi      Stuffed Monkey         Stuffed Pig
WAIN GURASU            Wine Glass             Goblet
mimikaki               Earpick                Ear Tip
BANII no fuku          Bunny Dress            Gown
BANII no mimi          Bunny Ears             Ribbon
houchou                Carving Knife          Small Knife
nabe                   Saucepan               Pot
manaita                Cutting Board          Chop Block
kiseki no ishi         Miracle Stone          Miracle Gem
gin no shokudai        Gold Candlestick       Silver Wick
ou no chouzou          King's Sculpture       Royal Statue
ougon no CHESU         Golden Chess Set       Golden Pawn
DAIYA oukan            Diamond Crown          Crown Jewels
TEZAARU                Tezarl                 Escape
mahou no tsubo         Magic Vase             Magic Jar
DORAGON no KIBA        Dragon Fang            Dragon Tooth
IMORI no kuroyaki      Charred Newt           Grilled Newt
taiko no tsurugi       Ancient Sword          Might Sword
gosunkugi              Voodoo Nail            Long Nail
AATII no yumi          Arty's Bow             Artea's Bow
taiko no yumi          Ancient Bow            Might Bow
roujin no tegami       Old Man's Letter       Letter
saidanhe no kagi       Key to the Altar       Dais Key
midori SAFAIA          Green Sapphire         Green Jade
ao SAFAIA              Blue Sapphire          Blue Jade
MURSAKI TOKAGE         Lizard Soy Sauce       Purple Newt
mahou no ajitsuke      Magic Seasoning        Magic Flavor

Spell Names:

Japanese               Translation            English
---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------
RE-GI                  Ray-Gi                 Flash
RE-GIO                 Ray-Gio                Bolt
RE-GION                Ray-Gion               Thunder
FU-REI                 Fu-Rei                 Spark
FU-REA                 Fu-Rea                 Flame
FU-REIA                Fu-Reia                Vulcan
WO-MU                  Wo-Mu                  Dew
WO-RUMU                Wo-Rum                 Water
WO-RUDO                Wo-Rud                 Flood
RA-GI                  Ra-Gi                  Bang
RA-GIRU                Ra-Gil                 Blast
RA-GIAN                Ra-Gian                Sunder
RI-A                   Ri-Ah                  Frost
RI-DETO                Ri-Det                 Blizzard
RI-DERUTO              Ri-Delt                Glacier
DE-SU                  De-Th                  Perish
DE-PAIRU               De-Pairu               Succumb
SUREI                  Slay                   Drowsy
SUKUREI                Skray                  Fright
MUURU                  Muur                   Deflect
MUUJIRU                Muujil                 Bounce
FEIGU                  Phayg                  Confuse
DIFU                   Deef                   Bravery
DIREKUTO               Direct                 Courage
PUROTE                 Prote                  Shield
PUROTEKU               Protec                 Protect
HAADEN                 Harden                 Statue
ESUTO                  Est                    Strong
ESURITO                Esret                  Stronger
ESURIITO               Esreet                 Champion
ESUTONA                Estona                 Boost
ESUDIA                 Esdia                  Valor
PARAIZU                Paraize                Stun
DERUDE                 Deld                   Dead
ANSUTO                 Ansto                  Stone
UEIKU                  Wake                   Waken
SUINGU                 Swing                  Warp
TEZAA                  Tezar                  Escape
SOORU                  Soryl                  Float
ATEREETO               Aterut                 Elf
FIGARU                 Figal                  Figual
ERE-GI                 Ele-Gi                 Elegi
ERE-GIO                Ele-Gio                Elegio

Monster Names:

Japanese               Translation            English
---------------------  ---------------------  ---------------------
JERII                  Jelly                  Jellyfish
RATTO MOBIRU           Ratmobile              Rat
utsubokazura           Nepenthes              Nettles
MASHURU                Mushroom               Madshroom
hari TOKAGE            Needle Lizard          Spike Newt
MINI DEBIRU            Mini Devil             Mini Demon
BAGU                   Bug                    Flamefreak
OO TOKAGE              Big Lizard             Giant Newt
warau tsubo            Laughing Vase          Crazy Jar
GUREETO BATTO          Great Bat              Giant Bat
MADI BOORU             Muddy Ball             Red Orb
SUMOORU KURABU         Small Crab             Mini Crab
AASU UOOMU             Earthworm              Land Worm
MOJAMOJA               Shaggy                 Big Meany
PIERO no PIEERU        Pierrot                Horroquin
SUTOROO FIGIA          Straw Figure           Straw Man
AACHAA                 Archer                 Yeoman
oo guchisou            Big Mouth              Chomp Weed
NUUBOO                 Nouveau                Mud Man
mahou tsukai           Wizard                 Red Mage
NIIDORU RIZAADO        Needle Lizard          Pin Lizard
KIRAA SOODO            Killer Sword           Swordspook
PANPUKIN BOOI          Pumpkin Boy            Nightmare
BURUU DOGGU            Blue Dog               Blue Wolf
DAAKU DEBIRU           Dark Devil             Dark Demon
MOKOMOKO               Shaggier               Blue Meany
noroi no ningyou       Cursed Doll            Nail Man
TORENTO                Trent                  Giant Oak
onibi                  Jack-o-Lantern         Flamespook
MAIMAI                 Snail                  Spellsnail
RAMIA                  Lamia                  Gargoyle
mahou no tsubo         Magic Vase             Crazy Pot
UORIAA                 Warrior                Fight
OOKAMI                 Wolf                   Werewolf
RIRIPATTO              Lilliputian            Archer
PIERO no DANIERU       Daniel the Clown       Terrorquin
MEISU FAITAA           Mace Fighter           Mace Man
KOKATORISU             Cockatrice             Zooster
SUPIRITTSU BOORU       Spirit Ball            Blue Wisp
GOOSUTO AAMAA          Ghost Armor            Ghost Mail
BANPAIA ROOZU          Vampire Rose           Dracu Rose
SOODO SUPIRITTSU       Sword Spirit           Sabrespook
IBOGAERU               Wart Toad              Frogula
SANDO BOOI             Sand Boy               Sand Man
METARU NAITO           Metal Knight           Axe Knight
MADI GUURU             Muddy Ghoul            Mud Ghoul
KUINAKUINA             Water Rail             Rok
SUKARU HEDDO           Skull Head             Blue Skull
SOOSARAA               Sorcerer               Green Magi
BIGGU RABITTO          Big Rabbit             Huge Bunny
KORIDORASU             Corydoras              Ice Snake
EBIRU SHERU            Evil Shell             Evil Clam
REDDO ROBUSUTAA        Red Lobster            Lobsteron
JIIRA                  Jira                   Mangura
DIIPU FISSHU           Deep Fish              Killer Eel
HERUHAUNDO             Hellhound              Red Wolf
TORAPPU HAABU          Trap Herb              Trap Harp
MADDO PIGGU            Mad Pig                Gold Orc
daiou GAERU            Great King Frog        Mega Frog
BIIGU                  Beak                   Cave Rok
AAMAA NAITO            Armor Knight           Armor Lord
shinigami              Reaper                 Dark Spook
MADDO ENTO             Mad Ent                Crazy Pine
HERU NAITO             Hell Knight            Steel Lord
KUKKUDOORU             Coc-a-Doodle-Doo       Roozard
samayou uoroi          Roaming Armor          Fire Plate
DEZAATO ROOZU          Desert Rose            Sand Rose
hitokui kazura         Cannibal Plant         Mad Lily
DINGEKIKURAGE          Shock Jellyfish        Jelly Bolt
ONI HITODE             Demon Starfish         Red Star
OO SHAKOGAI            Giant Clam             Psychoclam
UOMU EREMENTO          Wo-Mu Elemental        Waterspout
shiko GAERU            Ugly Frog              Werefrog
SUTOON GOOREMU         Stone Golem            Rock Golem
daichi no majin        Earth Spirit           Atlas
KAOSU HEDDO            Chaos Head             Red Skull
MAUNTEN TAATORU        Mountain Turtle        Megaturtle
dai madoushi           Great Sage             Mad Cleric
WOOMU AI               Warm Eye               Eye Curse
BUROKIOSO              Brachiosaur            Zaurus Rex
DESU                   Death                  Gloom
BARIANTO               Valiant                Barient
AAKU DEEMON            Arch Demon             Act Demon
AASU EREMENTO          Earth Elemental        Electromaz
UINDO EREMENTO         Wind Elemental         Whirlwind
FAIA EREMENTO          Fire Elemental         Fire Wave
AASU GAADIAN           Earth Guardian         Humungus
gozuryuu               5-Headed Dragon        Act Hydra
AAKU DORAGON           Arch Dragon            Act Dragon
GOORUDO MIMIKKU        Gold Mimic             Mimicker
GARUDIOSU              Gardios                Guard Daos
DEBIRU GOOSUTO         Devil Ghost            Phantasm
AMON no teshita        Amon's Underling       Follower
DAAKY SUPIRITTO        Dark Spirit            Dark Ghost
kami no madoushi       God's Sage             Guardian
MINI DEBIRU futabi     Mini-Devil Corps       Demon Lord
GOBURIN GYANGU         Goblin Gang            Goblins
AATI no deshi          Arty's Pupil           Apprentice
ichiban deshi          Number 1 Follower      Bosun

                                               .:[intro translation]:.

               An island suddenly appeared in the sky,
                  and four gods descended upon it.
   The gods were the lords of terror, destruction, chaos and death.

   Earthbound people feared them and called them the Four Mad Gods.
           For many years, their reign of terror continued.

       The world's finest soldiers gathered to resist the gods,
                    but their power was absolute.

          The world's last hope is a party of four warriors:
                     Maxim, Selan, Guy and Arty.
               And now, their final strike has begun...

                                                   .:[other changes]:.

Nintendo of America's censorship affected several sections of
Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.

* The House of Healing had its religious imagery removed. The rear
  wall originally had three crosses and the occupant was dressed in
  the red robes of a priest. The priest was replaced by an aging
  shemale in an apron for the English release.

* The shop on the Isle of Forfeit with the girls who beg you to buy
  a "Gown" was originally staffed by women wearing bunny girl
  costumes. The shop only sold Bunny Ears and Bunny Clothes.

* All bars in the game originally sold booze. The USA release
  replaced this with "cider". Bar-related text remains accurate
  except for this single word.

                                                 .:[credits & notes]:.

These lists were translated off direct dumps from the game. There are
absolutely complete.

For those who would like to point out the dummy items in the English
version, I can assure you they exist in the Japanese as well. Sorry,
you didn't get screwed like in Final Fantasy IV.

Special thanks to Heythere for giving me the English dumps. Also a
thanks to s911kippy for helping with a few monsters. Other than that,
this was all my own work.