Space Knight Tekkaman Blade: FAQ
                        Updated April 22, 2014

                          by Derrick Sobodash

                                               .:[table of contents]:.

1. Background Story
2. Controls
3. Gameplay
4. Walkthrough & Translation
5. Codes
6. Credits & Notes

                                                 .:[game background]:.

Tekkkaman Blade was a popular cartoon series that aired in Japan in
the early 1990s.

The story is set in AD 2300, the year 192 on the Unified Earth
Calendar. The worldwide ministry of defense has constructed the
Orbital Ring System in outer space some 300km above the Earth's
surface to supply power to the Earth from outside the ozone layer and
act as a harbor for space exploration.

One day, the Orbital Ring is attacked by unknown alien beings. It is
immediately occupied, and the battle spreads to the surface.
In response, the Allied Defense force began funding a new program
called "The Space Knights."

One day, when Space Knights members Kisaragi Aki and Noal are
investigating the alien plants, something resembling a comet crashes
into the ground nearby. Their investigation reveals a young man's body
in the center of the crater.

The man is taken back to the Space Knights' headquarters for
treatment, and upon awaking they learn he has lost his memory.

The mystery man assaults Milly, the youngest member of the
Space Knights, and fights his way out while looking for a ship. He
eventually hijacks the Blue Earth, and takes off. Noal gave him the
nickname D-BOY since "the guy seems pretty dangerous."

Once in space, he escapes out the back of the ship. Noal and Aki
assume he is dead and are shocked when he emerges as Tekkaman Blade.

The game seems to start shortly after Episode 6, as D-BOY enters on
Pegas in Stage 1. Pegas was a robot built to boost the power of his
Tekk Sett crystal after it was cracked in half during an early
battle with Tekkaman Dagger.

Here's a quick list of characters mentioned throughout the FAQ and
their alternate names (when applicable):

    Real Name         Other Names    Notes
1.  Takaya Aiba       Blade, D-BOY   Hero of story
2.  Aki Kisaragi                     Member of Space Knights and
                                     Takaya's girlfriend
3.  Noal              Sol #2         Member of Space Knights
4.  Balzac Asimov     Sol #1         Works for defense force before it
                                     is destroyed
5.  Miyuki Aiba       Rapier         Takaya's younger sister
6.  Shinya Aiba       Evil           Takaya's identical twin brother
7.  Kengo Aiba        Omega          Takaya and Shinya's older brother
8.  Hun Li            Sword          Kengo's fiancee
9.  Goddard           Axe            Aiba family friend and karate
10. Fritz Van Braun   Dagger         Shipmate on the Argos
11. Morotoh           Lance          Shipmate on the Argos
12. Honda                            Space Knights mechanic
13. Milly                            Space Knights support staff
14. Chief Freeman                    Commander and chief of the
                                     Space Knights   

Now you can turn on the game :)


    D-PAD: Move Blade up, down, left, or right
    B....: Slash
    A....: Nothing
    Y....: Throws blade like a boomerang
    X....: Voltekker special attack
           (consumes one of those yellow balls you get
           from red Tekk Crystal power-ups)
    START: Pause

  Boss Fights (excluding Stage 7):
    UP...: Jump
    LEFT.: Move left
    RIGHT: Move right
    DOWN.: Crouch
    B....: Slash
    A....: Nothing
    Y....: Thrust
    X....: Nothing
    START: Pause



Attack the enemies and try not to get hit. A rather simple concept
that applies to all shmups.

The stages contain the occasional power-up, which appear as a series
of four gray capsules. Destroy all four and the fourth will yield a
useful power-up.

Power-ups resemble Tekk crystals and come in three colors: red, green
and blue.

Red crystals give you one extra use of your Voltekker attack. Green
crystals restore a percentage of your health. Blue crystals put Blade
into Crush Interlude mode where he can smash through enemies without
taking damage.

Boss Fights

Tekkaman Blade has a very, very poor fighting game engine. You bounce
off the walls and off other characters. The AI has horrible holes.
The control response time is pitiful. But thankfully it's only a tiny
fraction of the game.

2P Versus Mode

This mode of gameplay uses the aforementioned poor fighting game
engine to let you and a friend beat each other up. It will get old
very, very fast.

The character selection screen from left to right is:

      Tekkaman Blade      Tekkaman Evil       Tekkaman Dagger

      Tekkaman Axe        Tekkaman Lance      Tekkaman Sword

                                       .:[walkthrough & translation]:.

One of the key problems with this game is it's lack of story. I have
written a timeline for each stage to let you know what would be
happening in the actual game universe.

The basic format for each stage is:

1. Stage title
2. Detailed stage background story
3. Translation of boss dialogue
4. Boss strategy
5. Post-stage text (if applicable)

I hope this helps people to appreciate the game a bit more -- even if
they've never seen the show or the comics.

        .: Stage 1: The Superhero who Raced Through the Sky :.

After Freeman and Honda complete their work on Pegas, which allows
D-BOY to change into Tekkaman Blade with his broken crystal, D-BOY
returns to the Orbital Ring to challenge Tekkaman Dagger again.

BOSS (Tekkaman Dagger)

Dagger: You've done well to come here, Blade.
Blade.: Tekkaman Dagger...
Dagger: Traitorous Blade! You're going to be space dust!
Dagger: Let's go! Blade!

Boss Tip:

Tekkaman Dagger is pathetically weak. He does little damage and is
basically a warm-up used to introduce the battle engine. He's a fan of
projectiles and loves to shoot at you from across the screen. Jump in
and beat the snot out of him.

Three well placed slashes will knock away his weapon. After that, just
focus on getting in hits on him wherever possible. He may dash at you
once the weapon is gone. Just block if he does, but don't turtle.
Block damage from those attacks can add up.

                .: Stage 2: The Red, Horrible Evil :.

With the defeat of Tekkaman Dagger, D-BOY gets a bad feeling that
there must be more people like Dagger and himself.

His suspicions prove right when Tekkaman Evil appears. After barely
surviving their first battle, D-BOY returns to Earth disheartened and

One day at the mall, Aki and Milly believe they've seen D-BOY out
shopping. When they ask him about it later, they learn he had been at
the Space Knights' headquarters all day with multiple witnesses.

Later that week they are assigned to run more test on the Radam alien
plants. They ended up in an old church where Aki sees D-BOY's double.
When D-BOY comes face to face with him, he remembers it is his twin
brother, Shinya.

They begin fighting, and eventually the battle ends up back on the
Orbital Ring.

BOSS (Tekkaman Evil)

Evil: Blade!! This is where you'll be finished!
Blade: Yeah... that's just what I wanted to hear, Evil!
Evil: Come on Blade!! ... no, rather Takaya.

Boss Tip:

Evil attacks a bit more frequently than Dagger. He also seems to do a
little more damage. He doesn't favor projectiles, so focus more on how
dangerous he can be in close combat.

Get in three unblocked, standing slashes to knock away his weapon.
Once it's gone try to corner him and slash away. Inch up and keep
slashing if you get pushed back. Be careful because even without a
weapon he can do significant damage with his kicks.

                  .: Stage 3: An Enemy in the Fog :.

After Evil's defeat, Miyuki shows up having been rejected from the
Radam Tekkaman creation process. Freeman uncovers records of D-BOY's
past and finds out his family were the crew of a space exploration
ship that disappeared years ago. D-BOY's real name was Takaya Aiba.

While D-BOY is away and distracted, three new Tekkamen show up and
kill Miyuki, lancing her through her arms and slashing her chest until
she had sustains too much damage and explodes.

D-BOY arrives at the last second to see his sister die at the hands of
Tekkaman Axe, Lance and Sword.

The Space Knight headquarters are ruined during this same assault,
and the Blue Earth crashes, almost killing Noal. Honda, Lemmie, Milly
and Freeman manage to escape.

D-BOY eventually tracks down Tekkaman Axe, who is living in an old
mansion in that has been taken over by Radam plants. D-BOY runs ahead
of the rest of the Space Knights to face Axe.

BOSS (Tekkaman Axe)

Axe: Blade... no, rather, Takaya.
Axe: ... will you return to the Radam?
Blade: Goddard!
Axe: Don't you want to be with everyone the way things used to be?
Blade: I refuse!
Axe: I guess it can't be helped... Shinya, no.
Axe: In order to protect Evil, I'll have to defeat you.
Axe: Come at me, Takaya!

Boss Tip:

Axe is one of the tougher bosses in the game. His projectile attack
allows him to hold his up his axe and release it only when you are
unable to avoid it. It is released as a blue wave about equal to his
height. The damage is far from spectacular, but it covers a larger
screen area than most similar attacks.

In case you have yet to realize it, the fighting engine is so horribly
flawed that the same strategy works perfectly on every boss. Two to
three standing slashes to knock away his weapon, then block and slash.

                .: Stage 4: The Labyrinth to Death :.

After defeating Axe, the Space Knights take shelter in an abandoned
facility in the far north. Freeman discovers that D-BOY's power is
running out, and that continued use of his Tekk Sett puts him at risk
of exploding.

Devastated and seeking an answer, Freeman and Honda work around the
clock to discover a way to help him fight on.

Freeman learns that even in D-BOY, the Tekk process is incomplete.
There is another level of Tekkaman dubbed Blastor Tekkamen. He begins
work on a process that would use the power stored in Radam plants to
upgrade D-BOY's power. However, there is a significant chance the
procedure will kill him.

Against Aki's wishes, D-BOY goes through the process. As it nears
completion, the Radam discovered their hiding place and Tekkaman Lance

BOSS (Tekkaman Lance)

Lance: Blade!
Lance: With how broken you are, what do you think you can do?
Lance: There's no better end for you than this.
Blade: Uwooaah!!! (roar/yell)
Lance: What!?

Boss Tip:

This guy is somewhat annoying when you consider how he had his ass
handed to him by Blade in the cartoon.

Block and attack over and over again. Knock away his weapon, etc. The
only thing to really look out for is his love of this one anti-air
slash. He loves it so much his AI (artificial idiocy) will sometime do
it when you're on the other side of the screen and not even jumping!

Jump-ins are even more of a no-no than usual in this fight.

             .: Stage 5: Destiny of Darkness and Death :.

The TV show and the game fork here. In the show, Tekkaman Sword is
killed by Noal and Balzac in their Sol Tekkaman suits. In the game,
apparently D-BOY is left to fight her. I guess you get to make up your
own story for this leg of the game.

BOSS (Tekkaman Sword)

Sword: Blade! I can't let you go to where Omega...
Sword: No, where Kengo is.
Blade: Sword...
Sword: If you say you'll go to any length to beat me, then come try!
Sword: Welcome, Blade!

Boss Tip:

Sword is a bit faster than the other characters. She doesn't really
have any new attacks that should hurt you.

As usual, try to get in a few standing slashes to knock away her
weapon, then just keep doing slashes from a crouching block or
standing block and let her jump into them. If you feel like it, you
can always just block till she ends up bouncing off you and attack as
she lands.

              .: Stage 6: Bravery! The Death of Evil :.

After fighting his brother in one of the underground facilities, Evil
is startled by the level of power D-BOY has as a Blastor Tekkaman and
begs his older brother, Tekkaman Omega, to give him the same upgrade.

Meanwhile, D-BOY finds the Aiba family's old home and goes for a trip
down memory lane with Aki. Suddenly, he recalls something he had
buried in the back yard years ago and goes digging for a time capsule.
Among the belongings is a recording of the boys describing their lives
and how happy they were as a family.

D-BOY, on the verge of snapping, vows to make the Radam pay for what
they've done to his family.

Having finished the process, Blastor Tekkaman Evil engages D-BOY
(in Blastor form) on the Orbital Ring for a final showdown to see who
is the stronger of the twins.

BOSS (Tekkaman Evil)

Evil: Heh... finally the time has come when I can beat you, brother!
Blade: What!!
Evil: Well then, it's our battle's showtime, isn't it?
Evil: Ta-ka-ya... (said tauntingly)
Blade: Shinya...

Boss Tip:

Evil's AI (artificial idiocy) hasn't become much better since the last
fight. The same tired old boss strategies will still work.

Avoid jump-ins because chances are you'll be the one who ends up hurt.
Try to get him in a corner, and then crouch and slash like mad. Back
away if needed. A few well placed standing slashes will knock away his
weapon. After that, it's just a game of pokes until he dies.

After the battle, the Radam parasite that had been controlling Evil
breaks out and tries to escape. D-BOY squashes it.

Blade: Shinya! Hang on!
Evil: It feels like I'm waking from a bad dream...
Blade: You're finally back!
Evil: T.. Takaya? Brother? I'm so happy.
Evil: You really fought me for real.
Evil: Thanks to this, I'm finally back to being a normal person.
Evil: Here, take my crystal.
Evil: With this you can get to the Radam mothership.
Evil: Omega... no, Kengo, our brother... is waiting...
Blade: Shinya...!


Blade: Shinya... your death wasn't in vain.
Blade: Omega, this is the last battle! Everything will end here!

                     .: Stage 7: Blazing Life :.

Seeking retribution, D-BOY flies off to the Radam base to kill them
all for what's been done to himself and his family. Halfway there he
begins to run out of steam and uses the remaining power of Shinya's
crystal to give him a boost. However his mind is on the verge of
breaking and can hardly handle the strain.

While he arrives to fight his brother Kengo, Tekkaman Omega, he has
completely snapped.

BOSS (Tekkaman Omega)

Omega: Blade, you've finally come.
Omega: Because of the Radam you were left unfinished.
Omega: We've been cornered here from every direction.
Omega: But this is it, Blade!
Omega: Everything is because of the Radam!
Omega: That planet Earth, even the entire universe are as well!
Blade: Omega! I'll defeat you!
Blade: For the sake of all the loving people who you'd kill!
Blade: That's why I'll take your soul back to Earth!!

Boss Tip:

Hope you didn't lose lives earlier in the game, because you will be
losing one *right now*.

Tekkaman Omega has three attack patterns, one for each part of him
you will have to kill. While incredibly destructive, there are no
surprises once you master the basic pattern.

The first attack will be his tail, which whips around the lower half
of the screen. You have to attack it without it hitting you. This can
be tricky, as it's pattern is a little erratic. The tail will also
throw out balls that explode into eight shots and spread across the
screen. This is the hardest of his attacks to evade.

The second attack comes from his axe. He just repeatedly thrusts it
out and pulls it back. While extended, attack his hand for damage.
Back away before he brings the axe back. This is an easier fight than
the game's pre-bosses.

The final stage is a bit trippy. Tekkaman Omega's chest opens to
reveal Kengo's face, which will fire a laser beam at you. He will also
throw out some cover fire that may come before, after or during the
laser beam, so watch for it and try not to get hit. You can dispel the
shots with a slash but it's not worth getting in their path.

(after the battle)

Blade: Come on, Kengo. Let's go home. Father, Mother, Goaddard,
  Shinya and Miyuki are all waiting. To our sweet home.

                            .: Epilogue :.

           Tekkaman Blade, Takaya Aiba's battle has ended.

       The Radam fell into ruin and mankind was able to return
                         to it's former life.

   Takaya, who had battled for his beliefs, lost all his memories.

     The ones he loved were taken first by the Radam, and then by
            his own hands. Everyone he ever loved is dead.

         But Takaya's hope never wavered, and because of that
           God gave him another chance: a new hope for life.

      And now, Takaya has returned to Aki whom he loves. Nothing
             will separate them again for all eternity...

                               THE END


Complete the game on HARD difficulty to make Blastor Tekkaman Blade
and Blaster Tekkaman Evil available on the character selection screen
in 2P Versus Mode.

                                                 .:[credits & notes]:.

Special thanks to Eien Ni Hen for helping me with a few lines of the
script that were giving me some trouble!

Thanks to Kitsune for bitching at me to make this a walkthrough.
I bitched back that the game is so simple that stage and boss
strategies would be an insult the reader's intelligence. However, they
added almost 8KB to the FAQ.

Who knows, maybe there's someone out there who would actually needs
that information.

If anyone could contribute a moves list for the characters in
2P Versus Mode, it would be much appreciated. I do not have one.
My cartridge was purchased used, so I never had a manual (not that
I know if the manual even has one).

I know for certain that every character has at least one projectile
attack and one charge attack. I have also seen anti-air attacks from
the CPU during gameplay.